Puns and other silliness.
Some folks think puns are punderful. Some think it's punishment. I think they're just pun
Hot Potato
Daaaaaamn! That is one hot potato
Lettuce Bee
There will be an answer, Lettuce Bee
A Shared Vision
Seeing Eye to Eye
You also squash my expectations
Hairy Potter
Just a real hairy potter
You butter like this one
Firefly Love
It’s not just a light show for our entertainment, they are looking to get it on
Square Root
See? I learnt somethin in skool
Petal To The Metal
This flower knows how to put her petals to the metal
Courtship- Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise know how to get their ladies in the mood
Majestic Spoonbill
The Majestic Roseate Spoonbill
This is not a pelican, it’s a pelican’t
Berry White
Oooooo...baby! It's Berry White
Petey has an attitude
Be Mine
I like you! *spray*
Playing By Ear
Ohhhhh. That’s what that means
In A Pickle
I hate it when that happens
Braaaaaaaaains!!!!!!!! Bee-ware
Buck Off Deer
I think he’s bucking serious
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