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A Mother's Roots

A Mother’s Roots

3 years ago today we lost my mom.  I think of her all the time.  Almost everything I do and see reminds me of her.  I miss her laugh, her hugs, her enthusiasm, her bad jokes, her positive perspective, her wisdom, and her warmth and company. I miss everything.  We all do.

A very sweet nurse and coworker of mine shared this poem with me pretty soon after my mom died, and it’s still my favorite quote regarding losing someone. Thought I’d share it today for those of you who have also lost a mom, or anyone for that matter. Here’s to honoring our roots.


Dr. Seuss, specialist in life lessons

Dr. Seuss is awesome

Dr. Seuss has taught us a lot of lessons over the years. Like how to be optimistic and how to be kind.  He helped us learn how to give new things a try, how to be true to yourself and how to have fun! But this Dr. Seuss inspired article was a what finally gave me the motivation to start this blog.

The Power of Constraints

The author’s message, the “Power of Constraints,” stuck with me, and it’s all thanks to Dr. Seuss and a bet he made years ago.  The bet was whether he could write an entire book using only 50 words. And he did. And it was Green Eggs and Ham! And it was amazing.

Having such a limited vocabulary to work with really put the limits on what he could write.  He had rules and boundaries.  And it forced him to get creative with what he had. It worked so well for him he wrote his next book, The Cat in the Hat using only a 1st grade vocabulary list! The author of the article also went on to explain that constraints aren’t your enemy.  They just help set some clear boundaries of what you can work with.

Why even bother?

In my case I put off doing anything even close to an art blog for years because of the plethora of excuses I told myself on a daily basis. Why bother? Excuses like, “I don’t have any formal art training. I don’t have nice enough supplies. Or equipment.  I don’t have time. And the worst excuse of all: I’m just not good enough.” (Big, sad bottom lip, right?)

It takes a lot of courage to finally say fuck it,  I’m going to do it anyway. Like I mentioned in my About page, I don’t have a professional camera, but I’m going to take beautiful and interesting images anyway! And I’m going to do it with my phone (plus cool accessories like macro and fish eye lenses for my iPhone).  Because a phone camera is all I have.  So I’m going to get creative with what it can do. Why not? I’m tired of waiting for a day that might never come.

We’re unique little snow flakes

One last thought about the whole I’m not good enough thing. I still struggle with that notion every day, who doesn’t? But this lesson—also from Dr. Seuss—has really helped me work past that and do it anyway. We all have the ability to create something uniquely *us*. We choose our words in a unique way. Our thoughts, approaches, moods, histories, brush strokes, techniques and visions all are unique.

All those combinations don’t even begin to describe the complex and individual beings that we are. It’s scary putting ourselves out there, but no one else can bring what you can to the table. And everyone else around the table is probably just as insecure.

This blog is me being brave.

This is me and this is what I do. I hope it inspires you to do what you do! Let’s all try to embrace our unique talents, embrace our unique constraints, and embrace the uniqueness that each of us offer!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

~Dr. Seuss