Hi! My name is Michelle.

I live in Asheville, North Carolina with my best friend and husband Steve, my beautiful daughter Ana Rose, a dog named Zoe and an opera singing parrot named Minnie.

But besides all that: There are only four things worth me getting up for the morning: Music, Art, Nature and Love.


As a professional harpist and pianist, I love putting my music therapy background to use when choosing music for a given environment or event. I take great pride and care in selecting lovely, comforting or joyful pieces to help create the desired and appropriate atmosphere, for whatever the occasion may be. Although I can play all the traditional and classical repertoire that is often requested for events, I enjoy and specialize in playing jazz, pop and rock on the harp! Some of my favorite requests from clients include Billie Holiday, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead and Metallica. Check out my repertoire list here!

Art is Fun

When I’m not playing music, one of my favorite ways to spend my time is illustrating, painting, sketching and taking pictures! Art is another creative outlet that allows me to express myself, especially my bad sense of humor.  I don’t have a nice camera, all my photos are taken with an i-phone and some cool macro lenses.  And I don’t have any formal art training, but that doesn’t stop me from making art anyway! I love taking pictures and drawing plants, flowers trees, animals and pretty much anything from the natural world, puns and things that make me laugh.

Nature Humbles Me

I grew up in Florida where I learned I have a relentless fascination for the natural world.  I was a lucky kid to explore so much biodiversity even just in my own backyard. You never know what you’re going to see down here! It’s beautiful, gruesome, impressive, humorous and meticulously designed. I love sharing what I learn about our natural environment, specially the weird and amusing parts. Check out my nature journal here.


I’m very lucky. I’ve always had a lot of love and support in my life. My family and friends have always kept my heart full allowing me to spread even more love. I’m glad I can spread that through the work I do too. Here’s to inspiring, creating and sharing the power of Art, Music and Love!

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